Planting hemp is a divine right given by our Creator 


"Make the most of the Indian hemp seed; sow it everywhere." 
                                                                                                           George Washington

"Hemp is of first necessity for the health and protection of the country"
                                                                                                         Thomas Jefferson  




College Football Recruit ruined by marijuana possession arrest.
(June 11)

Suburban Marijuana Raid
(June 12)

Kauai police seize 1,400 marijuana plants, arrest two men
(April 10)

 President Obama mocks "online community"
(March 27)

Federal Raid on Medical Cannabis Club raises questions about the President's position
(March 26)

U.S. Hemp Ban Hurts Environment, Economy
(March 13)

Minnesota Law Enforcement
Opposes Hemp Legislation
(March 4)

FDA calls Vitamin B6 a drug
Will it soon be Schedule 1?
(Feb. 12)

Cannabis Nursery Raid
(Feb 12)

'Dell Dude' released after marijuana arrest
(Feb. 11)


Michael Phelps,
Greatest World Champion Swimmer in History, Investigated for Smoking Herb

Obama's half-brother arrested on charge of marijuana possession

DEA Conducts Medical Marijuana Raid After Obama's Inauguration

 The system on trial

Marijuana activist cites religious beliefs in lawsuit

Joe Barton's Civil Suit

U.N. and D.E.A. team up to torment herb cultivators in Africa, calling it drug abuse..
(Oct. '08)   Obviously they have no intention of helping the poor. The UN is eradicating potent natural medicine and local industry while asking for billions of US dollars to aid Africa's poor with pharmaceuticals. Sounds like we're more interested in aiding legal drug companies than helping the poor.



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