Planting hemp is a divine right given by our Creator 


"Make the most of the Indian hemp seed; sow it everywhere." 
                                                                                                           George Washington

"Hemp is of first necessity for the health and protection of the country"
                                                                                                         Thomas Jefferson  

Donations to support this CAMPaign can be made payable to C.A.M.P.  in the form of money order or check. We are currently setting up a paypal account so you can come back later and use paypal to donate if you wish. We do not operate for profit in any way.

We're operating on a shoestring budget so if you want to help  us please send your check or money order to:

C.A.M.P. Citizens Against Marijuana Prohibition
28 Dietz Court
Kingston, NY 12401

100% of our donations go to repealing cannabis hemp prohibition in New York State.
We support all reform toward home cultivation but we do not support any legislation that prevents New Yorkers from cultivating their own cannabis.

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