Planting hemp is a divine right given by our Creator 


"Make the most of the Indian hemp seed; sow it everywhere." 
                                                                                                           George Washington

"Hemp is of first necessity for the health and protection of the country"
                                                                                                         Thomas Jefferson  

Prisoners of the Drug War
     There is a grotesque number of people jailed for marijuana possession every year, for no reason that is in the best interest of the public. Marijuana prohibition is prejudicial and justifies religious, cultural and racial persecution. We intend to change that.

Child Victims of the Drug War
     When a person is arrested who has children, they are granted no special protection. Their innocent children are exposed to hostile and unsympathetic state institutions, as they are separated from their parents and plunged into an uncertain life governed by strangers. 

Low Cost Health Care
     Cannabis Cultivation can make healthcare as easy as growing organic vegetables in your back yard and baking a pie in your kitchen. A virtually endless list of physical ailments can be effectively treated using cannabis, including many varieties of cancer. We can save these people.

Environmental Sustainability
     The amount of ways that the Cannabis plant and its derivatives can support the general health of humanity and the world is beyond counting. The fuel is cleaner and eliminates the need for drilling. The plastics are durable and biodegradable at the same time. The manufacturing of hemp-based building products and textiles here in New York will make our economy more energy efficient. No more waste, no more pollution, no more garbage.

Economic Prosperity

     The many branches of the hemp industry can easily provide the world with enough jobs to support any population. So much of the material can be used locally, that it would seem that most commerce would be in exchanges of different hemp items. No one has to be poor anymore. No one has to starve. No one has to be unemployed or even bored. Hemp is health, wealth and peace.

Fighters Against the Drug War 
Abigail Storm is involved in a case in Albany that could effectively abolish all current cannabis prohibition laws  in New York State based on the fact that there was never any legitimate public outcry or any serious threat  to the public's health or safety and the prohibition of cannabis violates her religious rights protected by the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the State of New York.  Check out her case by following this link
Joe Barton is fighting 15 years in prison in Kingston, N.Y.         
                 Check out his case by following this link        

We want people to know that the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the State of New York confirm their rights.

      Read sections of the Constitution with our notes to clarify.

    This malfunction in our legislative system can be corrected by either a vote of the Assembly and Senate, or an emergency measure by the Governor, or a Court ruling. 

    How can we sit around entertaining each other with stories about people wanting to get high, when our government is operating against the Constitution and the cure for cancer is left waiting in the wings along with the cure for the financial collapse, and the environmental crisis. All we need is for the truth to be seen and acted upon. There's no good reason that we should ignore it.

Start forming voting blocks and political groups in your area and put pressure on your government representatives to enact more reasonable and compassionate legislation in regard to restoring people's rights to make personal health choices.
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